Positive Vibes Pattern

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Style: Good to go for any casual scene, express your style with these printed mens T-Shirts for men that reflect your personality
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Product Description

Positive Vibes Pattern

Technical Description

Men's Cotton Half Sleeve T-Shirt. Here is a range of clothing with designer and graphics printed T-Shirts that helps you to express yourself. Made from 100% Cotton, it is an all seasons comfort wear. Funny, quirky and humorous designs are bound to add conversations. In addition to that, the fabric is comfortable in high humid conditions. You can pair our T-Shirts with trousers and denim of your choice and make it a weekday smart casual or weekend casual party wear. The print is light weight and keeps the T-Shirt airy. Our printing technique helps it to last very very long. Printing: Screen printing that will last very long. The printing is done in-house to ensure quality and consistency Colours are added in layers to ensure they look bright on all fabric.

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